Why? Because the war on cannabis is just a way to oppress the easiest victims for the police and feds.

It fosters victimization, racism and anti-scientific bias.

The whole situation is due to Schedule I and etc.  It might  make things more clear to remember it was the Watergate President, whom some refer to as St. Nixon, who created it with hatred for the hippies who shut down universities and eventually brought the war in Viet Nam to a shutdown.

It was Nixon and his hatred of the 60’s that put LSD and Heroin and Marijuana on the tightest control.  We are still waiting for the 50th year stats on all the deaths by cannabis (because there have been none?) to be revealed.

And our next guest needs no introduction…here’s Jeff….!

I never heard AG Sessions say the science and evidence shows…, no, but I read and see he believes and feels and the law is touchy-feely for him as he is right even if he is wrong.  Sounds like the parent act again.

Hard core Fentanyl

It is awfully dangerous and difficult to apprehend cartels who supply fentanyl, methamphetamine (Schedule II), MDMA and other unregulated party favors that can really hurt you since the new generation seems to not particularly care what you buy from them, you are the chump who dies or maybe your kidneys just shut down for not being wary of unknown drugs and powders.

El Chapo killed people at will.  Pablo Escobar killed people at will. And not just with guns!

Police kill at will.  Sometimes they like being on the take as well but that’s hush hush.

And they say the black community is impacted most but the black community adopted easy money, no taxes and bling with drugs supporting the rise of gangsta rap and all that went with it like death and shootouts and OD’s.

So it was both the take down of the Italian mafia while leaving Harlem Frank, the ghetto gangland godfather, to prosper and show what chumps the hardworking folks were.

Get real, you can live like a 1%er for the same reason…destroy your community and country while making money at doing so.

Low Hanging Fruit

But cannabis is smelly, bulky and the price is dropping but do you know what’s really in your medicine? Do you care, or is it hip or macho to show how “stoned” you can get?

If you take enough you don’t need anymore.  Take the advice of an old hippie-know your dealer and your culture.

No NO’s

It was a rule that you didn’t give someone acid without their knowledge.

It was a rule that you didn’t adulterate the product with poisons or anything that would be “contraindicated”.

It was a rule you tried the cannabis before you bought.

We had these rules because “What goes around, comes around”!

Regulations and Taxation

The power to regulate or tax is the power to destroy and this is known, or was known, to any second year law student.

Aside: It boggled my mind when USF said it was reinstating Criminal Procedure and a few other first year classes to help the students pass the bar-after the attorneys turned down making the exam easier and citing the protection of the public from incompetent lawyers was a good reason to keep the bar to practice higher rather than lower.

Magazines in Review

The Cannabis Business Times (Noelle Skodzinski, Editor and Marijuana Business Magazine (Cassandra Farrington, Editor) are two of the best and stands with Hydrolife as my favorite reads.

Marijuana Business Magazine was awesome this month and is my hands-down winner for their new departments Investing & Finance Insight,  new federal farm bill (water, insurance, subsidy etc)  and the only stinker was the report about Session mentioned above but without and easy reference to fact check which is why the quote  above is from The Cannabis Business Times which  is also a trade oriented magazine.

The Business Mag has a state by state rundown on what is happening and is very informative.  Are we less than 10 states away from being able to have a Benjamin Rush style amendment to allow for natural healing including cannabis?

The Times also reported that pills were the fastest growing sector of edibles. Propaganda has it that pills are more culturally acceptable  than dirty smoking.  Hmmm

The Business Mag had a great interview of George Blankenship who outlined, extremely well, the problem of Image and cautioned the industry to upgrade perception, have customer education via touch screen presentations so they could noodle around at their own pace!

Credibility and professionalism in the medical sphere is mandatory.

DOPE  is for, well, Dopes I guess….mostly same old advertisers and not much real info.  Robin Leach would be supportive of the Hollywood style  “Successful and Rich Cannabis Movers and Shakers” motif behind the interviews.

Emerald at least has a few recipes.

So, as the sun sets over the Pacific and we wish a fond farewell to cannabis freedom with the now legal but you can’t smoke in public, have any in your car in federal parks and other federal  jurisdictions and perhaps get a DUI which is not based in science or evidence but detects THC in your system simply to make this drug like alcohol and cigarettes.

It is nothing like alcohol.  Smoking may be harmful but cigarettes are deadly with all the added chemicals so when do we have regs on the poisons in tobacco.

Ah, grasshopper, as long as marijuana is called a drug instead of an herb or flower….we won’t!

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