The Green Rush is officially beginning to swell to unimaginable magnitudes.  Every household can (and hopefully will) have the ability to create their own family or solo cottage industry.

Future is so bright I have to wear crystal spectacles !

Mostly we all need to cooperate so that regulations and regulators don’t destroy our natural medicine revolution with cannabis at it’s lead point!

The epigenetic implications for longevity are awesome and nurturing (plants) will lead to happier and longer lives.  Even if you drive.

WHAAT!!!! Hey, stoner get a limo and a driver!   Jerry Brown says we are potheads and if we test positive for cannabis several states say we are impaired. I disagree.

Where is the science because anecdotally millions of stoned miles have already been driven.  What are the standards the Pot Czars will devise? Just testing positive for something doesn’t mean you’re impaired, Ossifer. Honest.

Bullshit. Honest is what we really need now!

If you want to have your website listed here in the GreenRushGeneralStore – The Whole Green Earth Catalog and Supplies write to me at

Same if you want to write, put photos up or engage in the Rolling Stoned Keep on Trucking’ and Toking’ Tour starting 420 and continuing until “the man” sticks it …..

Same address, same radicals, same pottyparty (Tupperware home visits with samples and ???) – same giggling, kissing and loving!

Don’t miss out! Get involved – we are the greenest future around!

May the baby Jesus close your mouth and open your mind!