To breathe a little easier!  I finally think I have stopped the majority of gratuitous linux demons and strangely scattered global presences!

Tomorrow I start the management team development and just started page on Facebook. Of course, re-entering all the directory information is now going to begin being connected to drop-shipping options as I can get affiliate/limited partnership agreements. Look for the Amazon store to go online in the next few weeks.

There will also be a store at

As soon as I can get memberships up and running I will start allowing you all to participate – whether a free one day look-see, a free longer termed membership, a special VIP membership for trusted communications and vetted members by members: what goes around comes around… and cannabis chronicles (video) will be free unless Bill Graham or Bill Gates gets involved. Ha!

Cannabis Investing Clubs are being developed.  Do you know what an investing club is? The Ladies kinda developed this coffee klatch investing symposium style.

The Agrarian Republic Party has been formed and will file as a PAC.  See to keep up with this.

So much on and all burners warming up! Make comments for adds categories and locations and I will try to keep up. Time to start the Green Renaissance! Watch for the next site to appear :!