All Work and No Play Sucks

Welcome, especially to those who signed up on Mailchimp! We are about to set the site free!

First, over the next week or so I will be adding listings after having spent months finding coherent hosting (now in Canada) and  then months making the first directory (incorrectly) and now this new theme (superlist).

I have most categories and meta info with custom listing programming for a Global Index as CBD’s travel to Germany (and Chocolate melts laced with cannabis to South Korea and China?) from Canada.

We can be Global Liberationists while we self-empower ourselves and help others do likewise. We can plant hemp to detoxify Fukushima and produce more oxygen while using CO2.  We are the future and I link to a groovy past-not the current hate.

So I pull up my sleeves and check my programming then….bug watch and suggestions helpful (category? custom listing info allowed pertinent? etc.) as I fill the catalog and get the word out to claim your listing (or you would like your listing added before I get it done?).

Sweatin’ to the programming’ to get net-fit!

Live long and Prosper!

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