420 is Coming! 420 is Coming!

The Green Rush is officially beginning to swell to unimaginable magnitudes.  Every household can (and hopefully will) have the ability to create their own family or solo cottage industry. Future is so bright I have to wear crystal spectacles !…

Top 10 Tracked Cannabis Therapies; Top 10 Patient Communities Supporting Cannabis Therapeutics Sent from Publisher of and

Marijuana Law

President Donald Trump’s Website Hacked; Defaced By Iraqi Hacker

Summer of love

It seems that in San Francisco we won’t have the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. I know Boots. He was the stage manager for Chet Helms. I am Chet’s only protégé…Belle Starr. Boots started at the PeaceQuake series…

Persecuted for Being in the Cannabis Industry – Growers Underground

Bitcoin News, Blockchain News, Prices, Charts & Analysis – CoinDesk Get ready for potcoins here!!!

Find What You Need |



  Eureka! I found it! was exclaimed by Archimedes when, sitting in a bathtub, he “discovered” displacement volumes in response to death threats by the King if he couldn’t prove the amount of gold was not being reduced by pilfering.…


Recent Problems

I have had conflicting plugins and they caused blocking and even locking me out. Please forgive the Sloppiness and I will send out a message to all subscribers as soon as I can. For your interest, I am trying to…

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