Top 10 Tracked Cannabis Therapies; Top 10 Patient Communities Supporting Cannabis Therapeutics Sent from Publisher of and

Marijuana Law

President Donald Trump’s Website Hacked; Defaced By Iraqi Hacker

Summer of love

It seems that in San Francisco we won’t have the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. I know Boots. He was the stage manager for Chet Helms. I am Chet’s only protégé…Belle Starr. Boots started at the PeaceQuake series…

Persecuted for Being in the Cannabis Industry – Growers Underground

Bitcoin News, Blockchain News, Prices, Charts & Analysis – CoinDesk Get ready for potcoins here!!!

Find What You Need |



  Eureka! I found it! was exclaimed by Archimedes when, sitting in a bathtub, he “discovered” displacement volumes in response to death threats by the King if he couldn’t prove the amount of gold was not being reduced by pilfering.…


Recent Problems

I have had conflicting plugins and they caused blocking and even locking me out. Please forgive the Sloppiness and I will send out a message to all subscribers as soon as I can. For your interest, I am trying to…

Here We Are but Where Are We Going?

Dateline December 17, 2016 in Berkeley, California The Med is closed so I am at another local coffeeshop that became a chain. Still, I am close to People’s Park. There is a street fair and people warmly bundled up seeking…

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