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                  JUST SAY “NO”! Why? Because the war on cannabis is just a way to oppress the easiest victims for the police and feds. It fosters victimization, racism and anti-scientific bias. The whole situation is due to Schedule I and etc. …

FDA Declares CBD ‘Beneficial,’ Wants Your Input ASAP | Leafly GreenRush General Stores Worldwide Net Publisher (VIP

Marijuana Business Magazine – August 2017 Owner of Trademark GreenRush GeneralStorePublisher of (VIP and, .eu, .mx etc

5 Marketing Tips From a Cannabis Branding Pro – Cannabis Business Times Owner of Trademark GreenRush GeneralStorePublisher of (VIP and, .eu, .mx etc

OMG! Programmers don’t know how to write manuals…

  WYSIWYG? Nope, what you see is chaos programming without heuristic logic just code.  Code is ok but most people use diagrams, notes, outlines, something to understand bare code with poor English and/or grammar. It may be a little while…

Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s about to Happen….

Welcome, especially to those who signed up on Mailchimp! We are about to set the site free! First, over the next week or so I will be adding listings after having spent months finding coherent hosting (now in Canada) and…

11 Money Transfer Companies Using Blockchain Technology | Lets Talk Payments

I THINK POTCOINS MIGHT BE WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND …. Owner of Trademark GreenRush GeneralStorePublisher of (VIP and, .eu, .mx etc

A Quickie

Until the directory is repaired please just copy the catalog and paste to your text app. This is an information portal and good will comes before monetization can be encouraged, if it ever becomes necessary. Until then, information is power…

Top 10 Tracked Cannabis Therapies; Top 10 Patient Communities Supporting Cannabis Therapeutics Sent from Publisher of and

Marijuana Law

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